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Sujan Patel of Ramp Ventures


Today, I’m talking with Sujan Patel, the Co-founder of Ramp Ventures, the team behind Mailshake, RightInbox,, VoilaNorbert, Quuu,, and I’ve been fortunate to get to know Sujan since my first interview with him a couple of years ago, and he has made a huge impact on how I approach business. Whether it’s help with introductions, getting into the nitty gritty...

Andy Baldacci with SaberSim Update #2


Andy shares an update on what’s happening with his SaaS startup,
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First update on SaberSim

Henry Poydar of Status Hero


Today, I’m talking with Henry Poydar, the founder and CEO of Status Hero, a SaaS startup designed to sync up your team, unearth obstacles, inform stakeholders, and cut through all of the noise. It’s a tool used today in small startups as well as bigger companies like Adobe, Comcast, and Nike. Henry was one of the very first guests I had on the podcast more than two years back and when I started...

Kyle Racki of Proposify


Today, I’m talking with Kyle Racki, the Founder and CEO of Proposify and author of the new book, Free Trials and Tribulations: How to Build a Business While Getting Punched in the Mouth. Continuing the trend of recurring guests, Kyle first came on the podcast 2 years ago after Proposify went through a phase of hockey stick growth. In 2015, they went from $5k MRR to $75k and then they doubled in...

Christopher Gimmer of Snappa


Today, I’m talking with Christopher Gimmer, the Co-Founder and CEO of Snappa, a SaaS startup that lets you create online graphics in a snap. Chris first came on the show almost exactly a year ago and shared how he grew Snappa to $20k MRR in just one year. As a MicroConf regular, it’s been great to catch up with him out in Vegas and hear how business is going but it’s not usually polite to grill...

Wyatt Jozwowski of Demio


Today, I’m talking with Wyatt Jozwowski, the Co-Founder of Demio, a webinar platform that makes it easy for marketers to run successful webinar campaigns without the technical headache. Wyatt was first on the show about 18 months ago when Demio had just passed $40k MRR but a lot has changed since then and I wanted to have him back on to talk about the journey since that interview. Demio has...