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Andy Baldacci on Buying a Business


The first time I’m able to talk about a deal I’ve been working on the last few months to purchase SaberSim, a DFS Lineup Builder, and my plans going forward.
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Wade Foster of Zapier


Today, I’m talking with Wade Foster, Co-Founder and CEO of Zapier, the easiest place to sync data between web apps. I’ve been a big fan of Zapier for years. Not just their product and how much time it can save by automating what used to be tedious, manual tasks, but their story. I won’t spoil too much in the intro, but Wade and his team have built a Zapier into a business with 200 employees that...

Jake Jorgovan of Lead Cookie


Today, I’m talking with Jake Jorgovan, the Founder of the B2B lead generation service, Lead Cookie. Lead Cookie launched less than a year and a half ago and in that time, Jake and his team have built it into a business doing more than $50k in MRR. From the outside, the results are impressive, but this was no overnight success. In our chat, Jake shares the early struggles he faced getting the...

Benjamin Dell of Missinglettr


Today, I’m talking with Benjamin Dell, the Founder of MissingLettr, a social marketing automation company that automatically creates 12 months worth of social content for each blog post you publish. I first came across Ben when he was putting together an online conference with over 100 speakers. What blew me away wasn’t just the scale of the conference, but the fact that he put it together and...

Chris Krimitsos of CK Productions


Today, I’m talking with Chris Krimitsos, a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of expertise, to say the least. One of the hardest, but most important, things to do as a founder is identify where you add the most value and then structure so you can focus as much energy as possible on those things. In our chat, Chris shares how he has done that in multiple ventures and how you can do the same in...

The Future of The Early-Stage Founder


After nearly 100 episodes of The Early-Stage Founder, it’s time for a change. Going forward, we’re focusing on the challenges founders face as their team scales. From topics like hiring and training to building systems, we’ll cover what it takes to become an Effective Founder. Subscribe on iTunes Where to learn more: I’ll be taking a breaking for the rest of the summer, but the show will be...