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Dodd Caldwell of MoonClerk


Today, I’m talking with Dodd Caldwell, the Co-Founder and CEO of MoonClerk, a SaaS startup that lets you accept recurring and one-time online payments in just 5 minutes. Dodd is somebody I first bumped into at Patrick Campbell’s conference, SaaS Fest (now Recur), a few years back and I’ve been following his story since. He and his small team have built a multi-million dollar a year SaaS business...

Alex McClafferty of Productize


Today, I’m talking with Alex McClafferty, co-founder of WP Curve. Alex joined WP Curve at the very beginning in 2013 when they were doing $500 MRR. By 2015, that number had grown to $1mm ARR and in 2016 GoDaddy acquired the business. Drawing on his experience building, selling, and integrating a company, Alex is now helping other CEOs scale their business and get it ready for an acquisition...

Matt Wensing of SimSaaS


Today, I’m talking with Matt Wensing, the Founder and Chief Strategist at Riskpulse, a supply chain risk analytics company that helps its clients and their partners increase the predictability and stability of their financial and physical operations globally. His most recent project is SimSaaS, a growth forecasting tool for startups and investors. Throughout all my research on alternative funding...

Tyler Tringas of Earnest Capital


Today, I’m talking with Tyler Tringas, General Partner at Earnest Capital, a new fund designed to provide early-stage funding for bootstrappers. I’ve been following Tyler’s writing for a while now when he was documenting his journey of starting and eventually selling his SaaS, Storemapper, but when I heard what he was up to at Earnest Capital, I knew I had to reach out. I’m trying to focus this...

Rob Walling of TinySeed


Today, I’m talking with Rob Walling. As an entrepreneur, he has started and sold multiple companies, most recently Drip. Rob has written three books, co-hosts the Startups for the Rest of Us podcast, and co-founded the largest conference for bootstrapped entrepreneurs, MicroConf. Most recently though, Rob founded TinySeed, the first startup accelerator for bootstrappers. In our chat today, we’re...

Andy Baldacci on Buying a Business


The first time I’m able to talk about a deal I’ve been working on the last few months to purchase SaberSim, a DFS Lineup Builder, and my plans going forward.
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