Aaron Zakowski of Zammo Digital


Today, I’m talking with Aaron Zakowski, the founder of Zammo Digital, an agency that helps SaaS companies scale with pay-per-click ads.

It is so hard to find advice for Facebook ads that actually applies to SaaS companies. It seems like everybody out there is selling a course on “How to Get Rich with Facebook Ads” with scammy tactics that I don’t want my brand associated with and aren’t going to fly in B2B.

Aaron’s advice stands out from the crowd not just in terms of strategy but also because of his hands on experience applying it with SaaS companies.

In our chat today, Aaron lays out how to evaluate the different PPC channels, what goes into effective ads, and how to put all of it together for your first successful campaign.

I even got him to share the exact image his clients have been having huge success with in their ads.

This is one you won’t want to miss!

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Topics covered:

  1. Company background
    1. What exactly is Zammo Digital and what does the business look like today?
  2. PPC lessons
    1. What makes a SaaS company a good fit for PPC?
    2. Walk us through launching a campaign for a new client
    3. What is your process for developing ad creatives?
      1. How often are you testing new creative?
    4. What steps do you take to scale a campaign?
  3. Behind-the-scenes
    1. What has been the hardest part of building Zammo Digital for you personally?
    2. What does success look like to you?
  4. “Rapid Fire” questions
  5. Where can listeners go to learn more?

Resources mentioned:

Where to learn more:

To hear more from Aaron you can head to AaronZakowski.com or follow him on Facebook.