Benjamin Dell of Missinglettr


Today, I’m talking with Benjamin Dell, the Founder of MissingLettr, a social marketing automation company that automatically creates 12 months worth of social content for each blog post you publish.

I first came across Ben when he was putting together an online conference with over 100 speakers. What blew me away wasn’t just the scale of the conference, but the fact that he put it together and built a platform to host it in just months.

Ben is a great example of a founder who is not just productive but also effective. He has used tight deadlines to force him and his team to focus on what matters most and today he shares what that looks like behind the scenes.

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Topics covered:

  1. Background leading up to today
    1. What exactly is Missinglettr and how did it come about?
    2. What does your business look like today?
  2. Uppercase
    1. What was Uppercase?
    2. When did you first have the idea for it?
    3. What went into coordinating this?
    4. What went into actually hosting all of these talks?
  3. Behind-the-scenes
    1. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed or unfocused?
    2. What has been the hardest part of building Uppercase for you personally?
      1. Why was that so challenging?
    3. What new challenges are you preparing for as a founder?
  4. “Rapid Fire” Questions
  5. Where can listeners go to learn more?

Resources mentioned:

Where to learn more: