Brennan Dunn on Growing Your Startup with Smart Personalization


Today, I’m talking with Brennan Dunn, the Co-Founder of RightMessage, a SaaS startup that makes it easy to capture more sales without driving more traffic by speaking directly to the person reading your website.

If your salesperson made the exact same pitch to every single prospect, you’d probably fire them, right? So why do you let your website do it? If somebody is already on your email list, why are you asking again for their email address on an opt-in? If you know what industry a prospect is in, why are you showing them testimonials from unrelated companies?

The simple answer is because personalization is hard and requires enterprise-grade (and cost) tools or significant development. With RightMessage, Brennan aims to change that.

In our chat, Brennan shares why personalization is so valuable, how valuable it has been to some of his early customers, and how you can get similar results without rethinking your entire marketing strategy.

This is a masterclass on personalization that you don’t want to miss.

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Topics covered:

  • Background leading up to today

    • What exactly is RightMessage and how did it come about?
    • What does your business look like today?

      • What role have direct sales played in getting you here?

        • April 19th Tweet: “Added $2500 MRR in the last 2 weeks (+25% growth in that window) – really hitting a stride with direct sales.”
  • The value of personalization

    • When you talk about personalization, what exactly do you mean? How is this different than a mail merge for the web?
    • What sort of results are your clients seeing?
    • How much effort is required on their part to get those results?
    • What does a startup need to do to implement this the right way?

      • Seems like they need to rethink their entire marketing strategy rather than just plugging in a few unrelated tactics
      • Won’t this be a distraction?
    • When should a startup consider investing the resources to pursue this?
  • “Rapid Fire” Questions

    • In your business, what do you spend too much time on?
    • What do you not spend enough time on?
    • What is something you’re personally trying to learn or get better at?

Resources mentioned:

Where to learn more:

To hear more from Brennan Dunn you can follow him on Twitter, visit his personal website, or see what he is up to at RightMessage.