Chris Rothstein on What Sales Can Learn From Marketing


Today, on the Early-Stage Founder Show, I’m talking with Chris Rothstein, the Co-Founder and CEO at Groove, an all-in-one sales engagement platform that is built for the modern sales team. (Note: It has no relation to the Groove I work for which makes simple help desk software for growing teams).

Now that we have that out of the way, I’m excited to get into today’s topic of how sales reps are saying goodbye to the used car salesman cliche and starting to incorporating lessons and strategies from the marketing world into how they sell.

In our chat, we cover what exactly it means to take a marketing approach to sales and how you can apply these lessons in your own startup.

If you think the sales process has to be sleazy, then this is an episode you need to hear.

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Topics covered:

  • Background leading up to today
    • What is Groove and how did you get started?
    • What does your company look like today?
  • Taking a marketing approach to sales
    • What does it mean to take a marketing approach to sales?
      • Why is this happening now?
    • What does this look like in practice?
      • Data-driven approach
      • Decentralized nurturing campaigns
    • Does marketing still have a standalone role?
  • Applying these lessons
    • How are you able to get existing sales teams to change their approach?
      • Should they just do this right away?
    • How have you embraced these lessons at Groove?
      • Did you take this approach from Day 1?
    • How can the Groove software help?
  • Parting advice for founders
    • What advice do you wish somebody gave you when you got started with sales?
  • Where can listeners go to learn more?

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