Craig Hewitt of Castos


Today, I’m talking with Craig Hewitt, the Founder of both Castos, a company that provides beautifully simple podcast hosting, and PodcastMotor where they provide turnkey, end-to-end podcast editing and production services, and also the co-host of the RogueStartups Podcast.

Craig was on this podcast almost 3 years ago and in the time since not only has his passion for podcasting grown, but so has his business.

It was recently announced that Castos will be part of TinySeed’s inaugural batch and when I saw that, I knew I needed to get him back on the show.

In our chat, we dive into what it’s been like building Castos to a team of 5 while remaining profitable and fully-remote, why he ultimately decided to seek funding, and how his goals have evolved since making that decision.

When I think of startup accelerators, I typically think of very early-stage companies that haven’t yet found any traction, but that’s not the case with Castos and after talking with Craig, I see why it still makes sense for him and his team.

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Topics covered:

  • Background leading up to today
    • What exactly is Castos and how did it come about?
    • What does your business look like today?
    • How would you describe your role?
  • Founder’s lessons
    • What is something that today you really shouldn’t be doing anymore?
    • What lead you to work with TinySeed?
  • Behind-the-scenes
    • What has been the hardest part of building the business for you personally?
    • What new challenges are you preparing for as a founder?
    • What advice do you wish you could give yourself when you started Castos?
  • “Rapid Fire” questions
  • Where can listeners go to learn more?

Resources mentioned:

Where to learn more:

To hear more from Craig, you can follow him on Twitter, visit his personal website, or see what he’s up to at Castos.