Darren Buckner of Workfrom


Today, I’m talking with Darren Buckner, the Founder and CEO of Workfrom, where he and his team are working to create social, professional and economic infrastructure for individuals and teams who work remotely.

The last job I had that wasn’t remote was when I worked at Best Buy in high school (and that was a long time ago) so I’ve had a lot of experience working remotely but that doesn’t mean I’ve figured it all out by any means.

I’m still trying to figure out the best way for me to maintain productivity and sanity, and it’s tough. Now that I manage a remote team, I not only have to figure out what works for me, but I also have to help support the rest of the team and I still have a ton to learn there.

Darren has thought about remote work more than just about anybody, and he has lived it himself as an employee and boss, so I was excited to have him on to pick his brain and see how we all can improve.

In our chat, we dive into being an effective leader of a remote team, everything from how to support your team to the ins and outs of management.

The future is remote, but we have to make sure we approach it the right way and Darren’s talk today will help us all do that.

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Topics covered:

  1. Background leading up to today
    1. What exactly is Workfrom and how did it come about?
      1. How do you make money?
    2. What does your business look like now?
    3. How would you describe your role today?
  2. Founder’s lessons
    1. How can founders better support their remote team?
    2. What should founders be thinking about when it comes to managing that team?
  3. Behind-the-scenes
    1. What advice do you wish you could give yourself when you started Workfrom?
  4. “Rapid Fire” questions
  5. Where can listeners go to learn more?

Resources mentioned:

Where to learn more:

To hear more from Darren, you can follow him on Twitter. To learn more about his latest project, Homebase, head to Workfrom.co/Homebase