Kevin McArdle of SureSwift Capital


Today, I’m talking with Kevin McArdle, Co-Founder and CEO of SureSwift Capital, a fund that creates optimal business exits for dynamic, transaction-based SaaS companies.

I first heard of SureSwift through MicroConf as they have been a long-time sponsor there. I knew they had bought Storemapper from Tyler Tringas and done a few other deals, but I didn’t quite realize the scale of the business until I dug into it more.

Kevin and his team have purchased more than 30 business in just 3 years, which is a wild number, especially when you consider they typically take a buy-and-hold approach.

In our chat, we dive into how Kevin and his team have scaled up so quickly, what systems they have in place that allow them to manage this many companies, and what the future looks like for SureSwift Capital.

One of the biggest things holding back companies from growing, or at least growing without making the founder go insane, is a lack of systems. You probably won’t need the same systems as somebody managing dozens of companies, but seeing his approach is sure to help improve how you approach your own business.

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Topics covered:

  • Background leading up to today
    • What exactly is SureSwift Capital and how did it come about?
    • What does your business look like now?
    • How would you describe your role today?
  • Managing a SaaS Portfolio
    • What is your SOP after an acquisition is finalized?
    • What structure do you have in place to oversee all of the companies?
      • What does the structure within each company look like? Is there something consistent or is it more whatever is working for the companies?
  • Future of SureSwift Capital
    • What is your goal for the business?
    • What does scaling look like?
    • What challenges will you need to overcome to get there?
  • Behind-the-scenes
    • What has been the hardest part of building that business for you personally?
    • What advice do you wish you could give yourself when you started SureSwift?

Resources mentioned:

Where to learn more:

To hear more from Kevin, you can follow him on Twitter, or visit the SureSwift Blog to see what he and his team are up to.