Kyle Gray on Driving Growth with the Harvest Method


Today, I’m talking with Kyle Gray, the author of The Story Engine, a busy entrepreneur’s guide to content strategy and brand storytelling without spending all day writing.

I first came across Kyle years ago when he was building and managing WPCurve’s blog and the content he and his team of writers were putting out there made a huge impact on me. Since then, he has continued to impress me with his work and his writing, so I was pumped to have him on the show today.

In our chat, Kyle breaks down what he calls the Harvest Method which is his unique strategy to combine influencer marketing with content marketing for faster results in both.

This strategy is something I cannot recommend enough to B2B SaaS startups who are looking for ways to break through that next level of growth, and Kyle shares everything you need to get started.

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Topics covered:

  • Background leading up to today
    • How did you first get involved with content marketing?
    • Why did you decide to write The Story Engine?
  • The Story Engine
    • What is the Harvest Method?
    • How do you help clients do this?
  • Tying it together
    • What is one thing listeners can do this week to start improving their own story?

Resources mentioned:

Where to learn more:

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