Marc McDougall of Clarity First Consulting


Today, I’m talking with Marc McDougall, the founder of Clarity First Consulting where he helps B2B SaaS companies book more demos & trials.

I’ve shied away from covering tactics on the show because I know there is so much of that out there, but after seeing Marc’s approach, I knew I had to have him on because he “gets it.”

While we cover the key elements of building a SaaS website optimized for conversions, our conversation goes way beyond that and we discuss how those principles can be applied throughout a business.

Whether you want actionable tips on CRO or cold email or you’re looking for a deep dive on what makes a sales process work, we’ve got you covered.

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Topics covered:

  1. SaaS CRO
    1. Where do most SaaS websites go wrong when it comes to booking demos?
    2. Walk us through your process for solving these problems
    3. What are some quick wins for an early-stage founder?
  2. Cold email
    1. Walk us through your podcast outreach process
    2. How else are you using cold email?
    3. What are the keys to making a cold email campaign work?
    4. How can listeners apply these lessons in their business?
  3. “Rapid Fire” questions
  4. Where can listeners go to learn more?

Resources mentioned:

Where to learn more:

Check out Marc’s guide to Bootstrapping Your Own SaaS Marketing Site