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Chris Sparks of The Forcing Function


Today, I’m talking with Chris Sparks, the Founder and CEO of The Forcing Function, where he and his team help founders, investors, and executives install the habits, systems, and processes necessary to reach the next level in their business. Chris is also one of the world’s top online poker players and uses the same frameworks that propelled him to the top of the game to help others achieve world...

Stephen King of GrowthForce


Today, I’m talking with Stephen King, the President and CEO of GrowthForce, a cloud-based bookkeeping, management accounting, and controller service. Having successfully navigated six recessions as an entrepreneur, Stephen knows a company’s in trouble before the owner and has developed a framework for managing cash flow through times of chaos. For my company, SaberSim, revenue went to $0 for 4...

Adam Springer of Startup Sales


Today, I’m talking with Adam Springer, the founder of where he helps founders develop the sales processes and strategies to scale beyond $1mm ARR.  Before founding Startup Sales, Adam was the first sales person for 3 companies, taking them each from $0 to more than $5mm ARR. With thousands of books, blog posts, and podcasts out there on sales, it’s tough to even know where to...

Greg Spillane of


Greg was brought in to turn around after raising $100M and failing to meet targets. In our chat today, he shares how he got things back on track.

Marc McDougall of Clarity First Consulting


Whether you want actionable tips on CRO or cold email or you’re looking for a deep dive on what makes a sales process work, this interview has you covered.

Nick Francis of Help Scout


Nick Francis, co-founder and CEO at Help Scout, shares the lessons he’s learned on hiring as his team has grown to over 100 fully remote employees.