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Sarah Hum of Canny


Canny has grown rapidly while maintaining the culture and balance they want as a fully remote and bootstrapped company—discover how in this interview.

Guillaume Moubeche of lemlist


Today, I’m talking with Guillaume Moubeche, the Founder and CEO of lemlist, a SaaS startup helping customers send cold emails that get replies. Guillaume and his team have grown lemlist to more than $1m ARR in less than 2 years and they’ve done it while remaining bootstrapped and profitable. In our chat, we dive into how he’s handled this rapid growth—everything from hiring to building processes...

Patrick Campbell of ProfitWell


Today, I’m talking with Patrick Campbell, the Founder and CEO at ProfitWell, a self-funded startup that solves the hardest parts of subscription growth. Patrick has been on the show a couple of times before and I’m super excited to have him back on, but the circumstances this time are a bit different. We recorded this interview in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and Patrick shares how he...

Ben Orenstein of Tuple


Today, I’m talking with Ben Orenstein, a co-founder of Tuple, the best remote pair-programming app on macOS, and co-host of The Art of Product Podcast. Ben was a developer at thoughtbot but left to start Tuple to fill the gap in the remote pair-programming market after Slack shut down Screenhero. They launched just two years ago and in that time have grown to a place where the 3 co-founders have...

Anthony Eden of DNSimple


Today, I’m talking with Anthony Eden, the Founder and CEO of DNSimple where they offer simple, secure domain management. Not only is Anthony and his team doing well into 7-figures a year of revenue, but they’re completely bootstrapped, fully remote, and only have 12 employees. Staying lean as a growing remote company is incredibly challenging and in our chat today Anthony walks through what makes...

Matt Wensing of Summit


Today, I’m talking with Matt Wensing, the founder of Summit—a financial planning SaaS startup. Prior to Summit, Matt founded RiskPulse, a predictive intelligence tool for the whole supply chain. Matt was on the podcast about a year ago when he was first launching Summit, then called SimSaaS, and we talked about alternative financing options for startups. Since then, Matt sold RiskPulse to DHL...