Brennan Dunn of RightMessage


Today, I’m talking with Brennan Dunn, the Co-Founder of RightMessage, a SaaS startup that helps customers grow their list and sales faster by treating people like people.

Brennan and I go back a ways to when I was getting into consulting and stumbled across his site,, which had a tremendous impact on me and my business.

Not only did I learn how to build up a consulting business from him, but seeing how he marketed his products was truly eye opening.

He set his site up to be like a virtual salesperson and not like a chatbot that asks a few standard questions before giving some canned reply.

Based on what he learned about you from surveys and your actions, he would show you a different version of his site, everything from different headline copy to different testimonials.

It was amazing and he did a lot of high-end consulting helping other companies implement this personalization themselves.

Today, Brennan and his team have built a product that put this powerful strategy into the hands of any marketer, even if they have no technical chops at all.

While RightMessage quickly gained some traction, it hit a plateau around $20k MRR and it took a ton of work to figure out what was holding them back and finally breakthrough that plateau.

By making significant changes to their product, including releasing entirely new products, and their positioning, they were able to restart their growth and they’ve seen tremendous results since.

In our chat, we dive into what it’s been like building RightMessage to where it is today, what it took to turn things around when growth stalled out, and how these lessons can help make you a better founder.

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Topics covered:

  • Background leading up to today
    • What exactly is RightMessage and how did it come about?
    • What does your business look like today?
    • How would you describe your role?
  • New positioning
    • Personalization Software vs. CTA Software
    • How does this change your strategy going forward?
    • What new challenges are you going to have to tackle over the next year?
  • Behind-the-scenes
    • What advice do you wish you could give yourself when you started RightMessage?
  • “Rapid Fire” questions

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Where to learn more:

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