Andy Baldacci with SaberSim Update #3


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Topics covered:

  1. Intro:
    1. Going into the end of the year, reviewing things, making plans
    2. Thought it was a good time to share an update
    3. After this I’ll take a break to enjoy the holidays and come back in mid-january
  2. What went well
    1. We’ve hit profitability
    2. Our team of pros have been killing it
    3. Growth has been very strong 
    4. Dramatically reduced infra costs while increasing reliability
    5. The product
    6. Word of mouth
    7. Team is in a better rhythm
  3. What didn’t go well
    1. Hiring
    2. Infrastructure
    3. Churn
  4. What’s next?
    1. Pretty clear plan, need to execute
    2. Doubling down on support/success
    3. PPC
    4. Implement the basics of EOS
  5. Lessons
    1. I don’t want to give the impression that this has been easy
    2. The hardest thing is accepting that things aren’t going to get fixed overnight
    3. Partnering with the right person has been huge
    4. I’m in this for the long-haul
  6. Conclusion
    1. I’ll be back with more interviews in mid-January

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