Steve Tingiris on The Future of Business Bots


Today, I’m talking with Steve Tingiris, serial entrepreneur with multiple acquisitions under his belt, partner in the investor network Florida Funders, and current founder of Dabble Lab, and that helps companies accelerate product development cycles and rapidly validate mobile, web, and IoT product concepts.

Steve was on the show last year for episode 10 where he put on his investor’s hat to share unconventional strategies to fund your startup, but today we are getting a little more technical by talking about the developments in bots, like Alexa, and what they mean for your startup.

As somebody who is always a little skeptical of the “latest and greatest” thing and doesn’t even use Siri on my phone, this chat was pretty eye-opening.

Steve shares how founders can use these bots in their business today, gets into where he sees them going in the future, and how your company needs to adapt to stay competitive.

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Topics covered:

  • Background leading up to today

    • What is Dabble Lab?
    • What does the business look like today?

      • What are you focused on?
  • Bots

    • What is the current reality of bots? How can startup founders utilize them now?
    • What do you see their future being?
    • What role will you play?
  • Tying it together

    • What can listeners do if they want to learn more about bots and the role they can play in their business?
  • “Rapid Fire” Questions

    • Outside of work, what is something you’re currently trying to improve at or learn?

Resources mentioned:

Where to learn more:

To learn more about how to work with bots, check out Dabble's YouTube Page or you can reach out to Steve directly to see how his team can help.