Wade Foster of Zapier


Today, I’m talking with Wade Foster, Co-Founder and CEO of Zapier, the easiest place to sync data between web apps.

I’ve been a big fan of Zapier for years. Not just their product and how much time it can save by automating what used to be tedious, manual tasks, but their story. I won’t spoil too much in the intro, but Wade and his team have built a Zapier into a business with 200 employees that is doing $10s of millions in annual recurring revenue and they did this on just one round of seed funding.

In our chat, we dive into what it’s been like building Zapier into the company it is today, everything from Wade’s successes to his failures and how these lessons can help make you a better founder.

It’s not common that a founder stays on with a company all the way up to over 200 employees, let alone as the CEO, and Wade has some unique insights into what has made his story different.

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Topics covered:

  1. Background leading up to today
    1. Going into your seed round, did you and the investors know it would be a one-and-done deal?
  2. Founder’s Lessons
    1. Where do you personally add the most value to the business?
      1. How has this evolved over time?
    2. What is one position you wished you hired for earlier?
    3. What is something you really shouldn’t be doing anymore?
  3. Behind-the-scenes
    1. What has been the hardest part of building Zapier for you personally?
    2. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed or unfocused?
    3. What new challenges are you preparing for as a founder?
  4. Tying it together
  5. “Rapid Fire” Questions
  6. Where can listeners go to learn more?

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